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About Pink Robin

Pink Robin was established with two main aims:

  • To promote and market high quality washable, reusable sanitary pads and other ecologically friendly disposable menstrual products to a wide market.
  • To provide a simple to understand resource of up to date information on women’s health and gynaecology.
About Pink Robin

We are three partners, Philip, a Consultant Gynaecologist with 25 years of experience, his wife Stephanie, a GP and Obstetrician for 19 years and Stephanie’s sister Sharon, a teacher of children with autism.

We became interested in the idea of starting a company after searching the Net for non-disposable products for ourselves and our family. As we looked we discovered that although there were many excellent products on the market, they were often difficult to find, or spread over many different websites or even from different countries or continents. We decided to stock a wide range of ecologically friendly sanitary menstrual products both disposable and reusable so that customers could order all that they might need from one place.

When we shared our ideas with personal and professional colleagues they were very interested, but quite to our shock we realised that most people had no idea that these products even existed. In our first week of discussing this, a number of friends offered to be our first customers, buying everything from Mooncups to washable sanitary pads!

Recent generations of women have been brought up to only think of using disposable menstrual products, both tampons and sanitary pads without questioning if there are alternatives and without wondering if this choice is the best one to make for our bodies or for the environment. There is a general suspicion that anything else would be inconvenient and frankly rather gross – but we would like to prove to you that reusable is easy and has lots of advantages, being more economical for a start. If washable is not for you we would like to persuade you that switching to our eco-friendly, disposable Natracare range is straightforward as all the products of this range will be familiar to you.