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The benefits of ecologically friendly sanitary products

benefits of ecologically friendly products

Better for your health

As well as being soft and comfortable to wear, washable cotton pads are a healthy choice for your body.

Disposable feminine hygiene products are usually made with synthetic materials, plastics and natural fibres which have not been produced in an organic way. As such they may also contain traces of pesticides and fertilisers. The microclimate produced by these sanitary pads is warm and damp, conditions in which irritation and soreness as well as thrush and vaginitis can easily develop.

Cloth pads are softer on the skin, made of natural fibres which allow airflow around the area and help to reduce thrush and other related problems. For those of you with particularly sensitive skin, we would recommend choosing an organic cotton range to use on their own or as back up to a menstrual cup or sponge.

Natracare’s range of truly organic and natural products is recommended by gynaecologists for women who suffer from skin allergies, irritation and soreness. Natracare liners and pads do not contain synthetics, binders, plastics, surfactants, resins, fragrances or polyacrylate absorbents which, when close to the skin, may cause irritation.

Toxic Shock Syndrome

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a rare but sometimes fatal disease. Tampon related TSS was described first in 1980 when a number of deaths were directly linked to use of a particular super-absorbent tampon. This has been withdrawn from use. Since then, although cases of TSS have reduced in frequency, they are still linked to the use of super-absorbent tampons made of viscose rayon, both with and without cotton. It is also commoner in young women who may have a less mature immune system.

TSS has never been described with the use of ANY of the products you will find for sale from Pink Robin; not the sanitary pads of any range, nor the Mooncup or Sea Pearls. This applies also to the range of natural cotton tampons that we sell from the Natracare range.

Better for your pocket

Better for your pocket

The cost of disposable sanitary towels and tampons is spread out for most of us over time so that we rarely stop and add up the full amount that we spend.

In an average year a woman spends between £65 and £100 on sanitary towels or tampons.

Although at first glance, washable sanitary towels may seem to be more costly, you can see that over the course of less than a year of menstrual cycles, they will have proved more economical than disposables. When you consider that reusable sanitary pads, if cared for properly, may last up to 10 years you can see that you will save yourself a lot of money.

The Natracare range of organic cotton pads and tampons are very competitively priced and become even more economical as a multipack purchase.

Better for the Environment

Reusable or organic disposable sanitary pads, Mooncups and sponges, are a logical choice for those who care about the environment.

Better for the environment

The average woman will throw away 10-15,000 tampons, pads and applicators in her lifetime. Most of these will be sent to landfill sites or via sewage treatment plants will be sent out into our oceans, potentially damaging marine life and washing up on beaches.

In the UK alone, 2.5 million tampons, 1.4 million sanitary pads and 0.7 million panty liners are used. This is a total of over one and a half billion items to be disposed of each year in Britain alone. An enormous number!

As one of our suppliers, Lunapads quotes, “What we once thought of as innocently ‘disposable’ now seems like pollution and what we once accepted as ‘sanitary’ has become to us unnatural and even toxic.”

Using Mooncups, sponges and washable sanitary towels more widely will help will to reduce this pollution of the planet.

Natracare’s range of disposable products have been designed specifically to reduce the impact on the environment. All of Natracare’s tampons are certified organic by the Soil Association. They are made from 100% pure organic cotton and are totally chlorine-free (TCF). Natracare uses an oxygen bleaching process to purify the organic cotton. This process is totally safe and does not affect the environment in any way. Absolutely no dioxins are produced in the growing or processing of the organic cotton used in Natracare tampons.

  • No perfumes, plastics, lubricants or synthetics
  • Biodegradable
  • Packed in recycled cardboard boxes
  • Applicator tampons wrapped in TCF paper
  • Non-applicator tampons wrapped in recyclable polyethylene to protect them from moisture

Natracare pads are made from TCF fluffed wood cellulose and GM-free cornstarch encased in soft 100% certified organic cotton. These are also 95% biodegradable and compostable in the right circumstances.