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Imse Vimse

Imse Vimse washable sanitary pads provide soft and natural menstrual protection.  These flannel sanitary pads allow your body to breathe and help you feel fresh during your periods.  The manufacturers believe that this means that you are less likely to get itching and thrush infections.

The pads are thin, smooth and stay firmly in place, so you feel confident and fresh.  The pads are made of natural, pure, environmentally-friendly cotton that is guaranteed free from chemicals.

We also stock breast pads made from soft wool and silk that protect your breasts and keep them warm.  They absorb leaking milk without feeling wet.  The cotton nursing inserts tuck inside the breast pads to absorb greater amounts of milk.

A full list of the Inse Vimse products that we have in stock can be found by using the menu bar to your left.

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